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These RC Blimps are larger and more expensive, i.e. they are longer than 10 feet and cost more than US$ 1000. All of them need significant space to be flown, for example in a stadium or an exhibition hall. Some of them are also designed to be flown outside. But remeber: strong winds have stolen many RC airships.

Promotional Ideas Group
Promotional Ideas Group offers the PIG 3, a powerful outdoor blimp. It is 8.8 meters (29 ft) long and 2.6 meters wide. With its two electrical engines it has reached speeds of approximately 50 kph (31 mph) which is extremely fast for an RPB (Remote Piloted Blimp).

Flight Brothers
Flight Brothers offers several models for a variety of uses. Their blimps are manufactured by the Aerostar balloon factory. Prices may be high, but you really see that they bring along a lot of experience and love for the technically perfect detail from Aerostar's work with manned hot air balloons and a couple of sub-contracts for manned airships. Their prices go from US$ 6600.- on upward.
For more information see the official Flight Brothers homepage or contact them directly.

Mobile Airships & Blimps
Mobile Airships & Blimps in Canada offers fast and powerful outdoor blimps. You can hire them for a single event and they are available all over the northeastern United States and Canada. Their airship is well designed and esthetically pleasing. It can have a great impact at smaller outdoor events.

REVO Luftwerbesysteme GmbH
REVO is one of the few constructors and operators of RC advertising airships in Continental Europe. Located in Stockach near Lake Constance in Southern Germany, they are well situated to reach locations all over Western Europe.

Peck Polymers
Peck Polymers offers two types: the 1300 Blimp (volume: 160 cu. ft.; length: 13 ft.) and the 2600 Outdoor Blimp (length: 26.25 ft.). They have sold their blimps as far as Taiwan and Japan and are a popular solution for lower cost advertising budgets. Their 1300 Blimp costs "only" US$ 2,485. Follow these links for various images of Peck blimps: 1300 Ready To Fly Blimp, AIAA blimp. For more information you can contact Peck directly.

Suzie-Goose Hobbies / Arena Blimps
Suzie-Goose Hobbies / Arena Blimps is owned by Roy Smith who flies and maintains two 13 foot RC blimps for Washington DC's own US Air Arena. He also builds and sells blimps for this use, and also maintains his own blimps of various sizes for hire. Roy Smith has made his own gondola molds to fit 12 to 14 foot size blimps and will sell to anyone who might need them. Other sizes will be available shortly. For further information contact: Roy Smith, Suzie-Goose Hobbies, Arena Blimp Department, 718 E. Gude Drive, Rockville, Md. 20850. Telephone is: 1-301-279-2966 and Fax is 1-301-279-5572.

Southern Balloon Works
Southern Balloon Works sells a range of tethered blimps and also manufactures a range of RC Blimps and specialty shapes. For further information please visit their homepage or call 1-904-775-3600.

Blimp Works
Blimp Works offer mainly tethered advertising blimps in a variety of shapes, models and sizes. A significant number of the tethered aerostats you see floating along highways and above malls have been manufactured by the Blimp Works.

Magyk Inc.
Magyk Inc. in Sacramento, California introduced themselves with an advertisement in the October 1995 issue of RCM. They departed from their policy of giving out free info after receiving overwhelming response from the public. Now their brochure costs US$ 3.00. They offer custom made R/C Blimps, 4-40lb. lift, gas or electric.
For more information you can contact Magyk directly or you can E-mail Magyk.

Do you know of other commercial R/C Airship producers? Please tell me ( and I will ask them for more information to add to this list.

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