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Experimental Balloon Building

Warning! Materials and ideas listed here are in part unproven and may be hazardous to use in the construction and operation of experimental hot air balloons and airships. Building and flying experimental aircraft involves significant risk and may lead to serious injury or death. Always obtain professional advice when building or flying human-carrying balloons and airships!

I hope you find this page helpful in your Construction of a Hot Air Balloon or Airship. Some of the materials listed here are intended for aircraft use, some come from other fields but work just fine, some are unproven and may be dangerous. Please apply caution and common sense when referring to these pages.

Make sure to join the Experimental Balloon and Airship Association if you're serious about building a balloon or an airship.

Please note that the Homebuilding part of the Airship Resources is under constant development. I owe many thanks to Bob LeDoux and his Balloon Builders' Journal. Of course, Brian Boland's reading materials have also been helpful as well as comments from many balloonists on and off the Internet.

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