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Cameron Balloons

Cameron Balloons is the largest manufacturer of hot air balloons in the world. Cameron invented the Hot Air Airship in 1972 and was the first company to commercialize an aircraft of that type. Today Cameron offers four different sizes of pressurized hot air airships ranging from the 60'000 cu ft DP-60 to the 90'000 cu ft DP-90. In addition to the hot air airships, Cameron builds a small helium airship, the DG-14. It has a small gondola carrying a single vectored ducted fan, its rudders are non-rigid and it looks like a scaled down thermal airship. In 1995, Cameron also bought Thunder & Colt which is now operating as a subsidiary of Cameron Balloons. Cameron also built the Breitling Orbiter 3 which completed the first successful circumnavigation of the earth by balloon.

A Cameron DP-90 pressurized hot air airship.

For more information you can visit either the Cameron Balloons Ltd. or the Cameron Balloons US homepage or you can contact Cameron by mail.

Technical Data for Cameron DP-Series Airships
  DP-60 DP-70 DP-80 DP-90
Length overall 30.48 m (100 ft) 32.31 m (106 ft) 33.83 m (111 ft) 35.05 m (115 ft)
Max. diameter 11.28 m (37 ft) 11.89 m (39 ft) 12.19 m (40 ft) 12.80 m (42 ft)
Volume 1,699.0 m3 (60,000 cu ft) 1,982.2 m3 (70,000 cu ft) 2,265.3 m3 (80,000 cu ft) 2,548.5 m3 (90,000 cu ft)
Max. speed 28 km/h (17 mph) ? ? ?
Endurance ? ? ? ?

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