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Hamilton Airship Company

The Hamilton Airship Company (THAC) was founded by Jonathan Hamilton in 1995. The company is based in Bryanston, South Africa, north of Johannesburg. Design of the two million cubic foot HA-140 prototype was 80% complete in January 1998. Construction of a 180 meter long hangar on a 50 hectare site is planned.

The pricipal idea of the Hamilton Airship design is to separate compression loads from tension loads. The rigid airship includes a tubular central spine made from carbon reinforced plastic. The spine is the main bearer of compressions loads. A number of ring girders (probably 10 or 11) are held in place by tension wires emanating from the central spine and connecting the rings to one another. The helium lifting gas is to be held in 22 individual cells.

Directional control of the Hamilton Airship is achieved with inverted Y tail surfaces. The main propulsion engine is an ADE444 diesel engine of 588 kW mounted on the aft end of the central spine. Two additional engines are located on the fron of the lower fins. While the multideck passenger compartement is located in lower front third of the ship, the cockpit is located in the nose. A lateral bow-thruster is hoped to be integrated into the design soon.

Hamilton HA 160-TA rigid airship. (Image courtesy of THAC.)

For more detailed and up-to-date information, please visit the official Hamilton Airship Company website or contact the Hamilton Airship Company directly.

Technical Data for Hamilton Airships
HA 160-TA HA 44
Length overall 160 m (? ft) 44 m (? ft)
Max. diameter 24 m unknown
Volume 47,200 m3 (? cu ft) 2,678 m3 (? cu ft)
Max. speed 145 km/h (? mph) 117 km/h (? mph)
Range 10,000km/12h unknown
Payload unknown 345 kg

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