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Inactive Helium Airships

Please Note: a) Click on registration numbers to see pictures and more data.
b) Active and inactive helium airships are listed separately.

Inactive Helium Airships
Reg. # Manuf's Type/ Serial No. Operator Contractor Location
N? Airship Industries Ltd Skyship 500HL Airship Operations available USA
ZH 762 Airship Industries Ltd Skyship 600 no.01 Global Skyship Industries ? UK
N? Airship Industries Ltd Skyship 600 no.02 Airship Operations ? USA
N? Airship Industries Ltd Skyship 600 no.06 Airship Management Services ? Saudi Arabia
N-602SK Airship Industries Ltd Skyship 600 no.07 Airship Management Services Fuji USA USA
N? Airship Industries Ltd Skyship 600 no.10 Airship Operations rebuilding for S.America USA
N860AB American Blimp Corp. Lightship A-60+ no.008 Lightship Group Pepsi Brazil
N153LG American Blimp Corp. Lightship A-150 no.103 Lightship Group ? USA (CA)
N25FR Frank Rider BA-3 Frank Rider private (30,000 cu ft) USA (TN)
N-? US-LTA Inc. 138S prototype no.01 US-LTA (deflated in 1997) USA (OR)
n/a (FAR 103 UL) Worldwide Aeros Corp. Aeros 20 Worldwide Aeros ? USA (CA)
? Worldwide Aeros Corp. Aeros 40B ? ? China

If you know of a currently inactive Helium Airship that is not listed here or if you have a correction and/or addition to the information on this page, please notify me ( so that I can update this directory.

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