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Inactive Hot Air Airships

Please Note: a) Click on registration numbers to see pictures and more data.
b) Active and inactive hot air airships are listed separately.

Inactive Hot Air Airships
Regist. Manuf./Type SN Graphic Pilot Location
N14BJ Boland Albatross A-1   Brian Boland USA (VT)
N9029Q Boland Rover A-2   Brian Boland USA (VT)
N-9029Q Boland Pocket Blimp A-3   Brian Boland USA (VT)
China? BUAA Mifeng (Bee-6) ? Beijing Univ. of Aeronautics and Astronautics Ji-Bo Luo-No China
G-BAMK Cameron D-96 072 D.W.Liddiard British Balloon Museum UK
F-BXKZ Cameron D-96 199     France
N372CB Cameron D-50 753 New Glory II Inc.   USA (MD)
N23NE Cameron D-50 768   Jack O'Neill USA (CA)
N1783Q Cameron D-96 805 Aerostatica Inc.   USA (MI)
F-GCZS Cameron D-50 818 Feu Orange Michel Brédy France
N1783J Cameron D-50 821   Harvey Hubbell USA (CT)
N740CB Cameron D-50 822 Aerostatica Inc.   USA (MI)
G-BKXT Cameron D-50 959 Cameron Balloons Ltd.   UK
LX-UFO Cameron DP-60 1353 Cactus   Luxemburg
G-BNPK Cameron DP-70 1456 St. Louis   UK
HB-BKP Cameron DP-70 1590 Finanz und Wirtschaft   Switzerland
G-BOPZ Cameron DP-70 1703 The Hot Air Balloon Co. Ltd.   UK
F-GFLS Cameron DP-70 1716 Besancon   France
G-BOXF Cameron DP-70 1794 Cameron Balloons Ltd. (cancelled) UK
G-BPFF Cameron DP-70 1831 Cameron Balloons Ltd.   UK
VH-XDP Cameron DP-90 1867   Nick Purvis UK
G-BRDT Cameron DP-70 2029   M.M.Cobbold UK
G-UPPY Cameron DP-80 2274 Shark Jacques W. Soukup Enterprises Ltd. USA (SD)
LX-GUY Cameron DP-80 3083 Minolta Copiers Guy Moyano Luxembourg
G-BVJJ Cameron DP-90 3216   Cameron Balloons Ltd. UK
SE-ZAC Cameron D-96 ? OSCAIR PROJECT AB Oscar Lindstrom Sweden
LV-? Cameron DP-50 ?   Jorge Delano Venezuela
G-ERMS Thunder Balloons AS-33 A.1   B.R. & M. Boyle UK
G-RBOS Thunder AS-105 390 Royal Bank of Scotland Ltd. Science Museum, London UK
G-BLSO Thunder AS-42 610 Huntair Ltd. Karl-Ludwig Busemeyer Germany
SE-ZAE Thunder AS-56 624 OSCAIR PROJECT AB Oscar Lindstrom Sweden
G-BTFR Thunder AS-105 632   Heather Flight Ltd. UK
G-BMJP Thunder AS 105 0751 ?   Netherlands
G-BNAO Thunder AS-105 897   Heather Flight Ltd. UK
G-BNKF Thunder Colt 56 899   Formtrack Ltd. UK
G-NOVO Thunder Colt 56 1067   Astec Group PLC UK
G-BORF Thunder AS-80 1241   Nelton Dream Ltd. UK
G-BPKJ Thunder AS-80 1363   Thunder UK
G-BROL Thunder AS-80 1578 (sold Aug. 1997, envelope scrapped) formerly Jens Petersen Germany
G-BSLY Thunder AS-80 GD 1641   Huntair Ltd. Germany
G-BTFD Thunder AS 105 1856   Media Fantasy Aviation UK Ltd. UK
G-BTSW Thunder AS-80 1999   Huntair Ltd. Germany
G-BUAD Thunder AS-105 2069   Thunder Ltd. UK
G-BTXH Thunder AS-56 2078 (note new envelope with integral tail fin) Huntair Ltd. Germany
ZS-HYO Thunder AS-105 2212 Airship & Balloon Co Africa Eddie Jacobs South Africa
no reg. Thunder AS-19 ?   Anders Lennartsson Sweden
N1055N World Balloon Thermal Airship CSA-1 Budweiser Anheuser-Busch USA (NM)
N1056A World Balloon Thermal Airship CSA-2 Budweiser Anheuser-Busch USA (NM)

This list obviously contains some inaccuracies. If you know of a currently flying Hot Air Airship that is not listed here or if you have a correction for the information on this page, please notify me ( so that I can update this directory.

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